Nutrition for Infants

Welcome to your little one! :-)

Now that your little bundle of joy is a part of the world, you want him or her to have the most optimal nutrition. From laying safe and sound in mother´s belly, surrounded by beautiful and familiar colours, in a soft environment, the baby is now experiencing all the sights and sounds of life outside the womb. One of the first things to await your little one is mother´s milk; a drink that will nourish your baby for many months to come.

The first few days after a baby is born, the mother´s milk has a special consistency. It is thick and rich in proteins and is called colostrum. The proteins, in the form of antibodies, strengthens the immune system of a child. After a few days, the milk changes to a thinner consistency. The protein content decreases, while the proportion of fat and carbohydrates increase and the milk turns into what is called mature milk. This is the milk that the baby will be nourished by for the rest of the lactation period.

The meals two part

A mother´s milk changes throughout each feeding. When the child begins to suckle the milk, it is rich in carbohydrates, which is a natural response to the baby’s lowered blood sugar levels, which have fallen since the last feeding. The beginning of the meal is also intended to quench a baby’s thirst.

When a baby has been feeding for a while, the fat content in the milk increases. Therefore, it is important to let your baby drink for more than five minutes and to feed until full. Babies are often satisfied after half an hour of feeding, although newborns may feed until upwards of 45 minutes and beyond, as they are not as experienced in suckling. When it comes to the timing of breast feeding, it is best to let the child decide and regulate him or herself.

Mother´s milk is the perfect nutrition for baby. Mother’s milk contains all the nutrients the child needs, with the exception of vitamin D. In addition, mother’s milk is a warm temperature, always fresh, and easy for the little one to drink.

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