Nature is a part of us, a precious place, where we can walk on beautiful paths and listen to birdsongs. Nature is also one of the most healing places to be with all its green plants and calming energies. We are so lucky to have access to all the beautiful, uplifting green places on earth. Whenever you can, visit the ocean, take a stroll in nature or climb a mountain. Or in your garden, enjoy walking barefoot in the grass and feel the sun radiate on your skin.

On a sunny day, absorb the warm sunlight and sparkling sunbeams and feel how they rejuvenate your body and fill you up with happiness.

And welcome the raindrops on a rainy day :-) Appreciate them for nourishing the plants and making them fresh and green. Can you imagine the fresh and clean air after a rainfall? It always brings a smile to your face when you visit your garden.

Ocean and mountain, sunshine and rain; they nourish and uplift us, as nature inherently does.

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