Sesame Milk

Ingredients                             Yield, 2-3 glasses

1 cup sesame seeds, soaked 6 hours

3-4 dates, pitted and soaked

2 ½ cups water


Rinse and dry the seeds and put them in the blender with dates and water. 

Blend until smooth.

Serving Suggestions 

Sesame milk can be enjoyed as it is or added to cereals.

*Sesame milk can also be made of seeds without a shell. It makes lighter milk with milder taste, but the nutrition that is in the shell will be lost. When using light seeds, soaking is not necessary.


To get the most nutrition from the sesame seeds, it is wise to soak them in water and let them sprout for 6 hours, before making the milk. The advantages with soaking are:

- better access to the seed’s nutrition, such as minerals, like iron and calcium 

- easier to digest

- removes the bitter taste of the shell

(The soak water gets bitter and must be poured off after soaking.)

*Sesame milk sweetened with bananas is a wonderful way to enjoy the small, 



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