My Experience

My family used to own a cottage with several acres of land, some of which they leased out to a nearby farmer. The farmer let her cows graze in the fields but she gave them food that was anything but animal-friendly! The cows had continuous diarrhea, which smelled terrible and spread in the air and all over the fields. The diarrhea didn’t even stop during the summer when they were grazing outdoors.

The cottage was posited between two valleys, which used to be home to many cuckoo birds. The birds began to disappear when the farmers started using pesticides on their grain and crops. The food that was once clean and nutritious became harmful to the birds. The pesticides caused the cuckoo´s eggs to become so fragile that the cuckoos could no longer reproduce. The cuckoo population was quickly depleted in a place that should have been their natural home. In light of this example, and many more that exist, it is unthinkable that inorganic corn, peas, apples, even dairy products, are being sold as healthy food with little response from those working directly in the nutrition, or health care system. Pesticides cannot been washed away, nor can the substances in the animal fodder. Even the antibiotics that are given to relieve cow’s infections cannot be washed away. Pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides and fungicides permeate all the food and soil, ultimately harming the nutrition, the health of humans and the environment. 

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