Meditation is a wonderful thing that gives us rest and peace and is easy to do. Meditation is a silent moment or time where you sit down and seek your inner self. Close your eyes, rest and enjoy the silence. It is so good, just to be still for a while, especially in the morning before the day begins. 

If you want, you can repeat a peaceful word like "peace" or "silence" inside of you or just listen to your breath. Then it is easier for the mind to be still.

The period of time can vary from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on what you like and your time in the day. It is most important to meditate regularly. If that’s not always possible, try to meditate amongst the busyness, perhaps on a break at work or during other moments. Even in the busiest of times, it is vital to have some silent time to yourself.

Another beautiful way to meditate is to stroll in the forest or along the beach, surrounded by nature’s wonderful energy - breathe in the clean air. Let the thoughts be quiet and just experience being in the moment. Smell the fresh ocean breeze and feel the wind against your cheeks.

The purpose with meditation is just to calm the thoughts, let the mind be still and rest for a while. Experiencing the moment is possible in many ways; a walk in nature could be as fine as enjoying a peaceful moment at home.

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