Broccoli Smoothie

1 large broccoli head

1 ½ cups fresh orange juice

Pineapple to garnish


Broccoli florets

Divide the broccoli in small florets and place in the blender.

Add orange juice and blend. You may add more or less juice to reach your desired consistency. Some prefer this soup thicker while others prefer it a bit thinner. 

Steam/ Stalk

Cut off the rougher skin on the broccoli stem and divide it into slices.

Serving Suggestions

Pour the fresh, green drink into a glass and garnish with the pineapple ring. If preferred, serve the broccoli stem slices on a plate beside.

*The broccoli stem has a soft and sweet taste that, amazingly, is the tastiest part of the whole broccoli :-)

*Broccoli is a highly nutritious vegetable, but may not be so easy to eat raw in huge quantities. Like many other vegetables, it is wise to blend before serving. The addition of orange juice gives this drink a delicious, fresh taste that will immediately transform it into a gorgeous fruit smoothie. This fresh drink has such an amazing green colour, and is best served ice-cold during the summer months. In the picture, it is made a bit thicker, like a mousse and garnished with pineapple to give it a fresh, light taste :-)

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