Introducing New Vegetables

Usually small children have to taste a new vegetable 8-10 times before they like it. This is easy to understand, since some vegetables have a unique taste, like tomatoes and broccoli, that must be acquired. Greens can also have a bitter taste that children may have to get used to. Encourage your children to taste new vegetables and, if they do not like it, take it away and offer it again in two or three days. If they still do not like it, set it aside and try a little bit later. Just relax and try again - ten times if it is necessary :-) Just do it with a smile. If you make a big deal out of it, they will be more likely to refuse it in the future. Some vegetables they may not like before they get older, like broccoli and celery. But, rest assured, they can all live healthfully without for some time.

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