Animals in Agriculture

In the articles that follow, you will get a little insight into how most animals are treated in agricultural production today. The reality is sad and harsh, so much so that it can sometimes feel too overwhelming to face. On the other hand, this is reality for these animals and we cannot close our eyes to it and pretend it does not exist. Nor can we buy milk, yoghurt, eggs or cheese and pretend we are not hurting the animals, because we do, despite our best intentions. Our money goes directly to the farmers who cause these animals a tremendous amount of suffering and supports the farmers to continue causing suffering. While it may not be enough for some to just read about this, I ask you to look at the following pictures to get a visual idea of the pain and suffering that is caused by buying milk, yoghurt, cheese or eggs. As well, please read on further to learn how even so-called organic farmers, often cause great pain and suffering to their animals.                                      After sorted by gender....

                                                                                                                                                                                all the new-born male chickens are gassed to death.    




     A new-born calf taken from his mother at birth,                                                                                                
     so his milk can be sold or used for yoghurt and cheese.                                                                                             


Source: Scientific Studies



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