Food to Limit or Avoid

Here are some foods that should not be given to children 0-3 years old:


Honey can trigger breathing difficulties and should not be given to children under 1 year age.

While raisins are a tempting snack for children, limit the amount they consume. If stored too long, some raisins can contain mold, so please be careful to not exceed 50 grams a week if they are under 3 years of age.

Since nuts can become lodged in small children´s throats, please feed whole nuts only to children over 3 years old (some professionals advise 5 years old.) 
Always be sure to watch your children when they eat nuts.

Baby food should not be salted since the baby´s kidneys are not strong enough to process the sodium.

Cow´s Milk
Cow´s milk is high in protein, therefore, should not be given to children under one year old. 
Cow´s milk may cause allergies in children. Milk allergies are one of the most common allergy forms in children.

Cow´s milk is meant for calves and contains a high percent of protein, so the calf can grow healthy and fast. It is not meant for the human body. Drinking cow´s milk and eating dairy products like cheese and butter, add acid, salt and saturated fat to a child´s body.

Plant milk, like soy and rice milk, fortified with calcium, are delicious and healthy.

Sweeteners and Artificial additives
Children should not drink light soft drinks or other beverages that may contain added sweeteners, in addition to avoiding food that has artificial additives, before they are over 3 years old. Science does not yet know the long term effect that artificial sweeteners and other additives may have on our bodies. It is best to avoid serving your children any food or drink that contains artificial sweeteners or additives during all stages of childhood.
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