Sweets & Ice Cream

Here are some delicious alternatives to candy and dairy ice cream.

Instead of sweets/candy you can offer your children all of these sweet
and tasty choices:

- pieces of fresh fruit
- dried fruit
- baby carrots or cherry tomatoes

Instead of dairy ice cream you can offer delicious frozen:
- banana lollies
- banana slices
- frozen green smoothies in popsicle moulds
- fruit or berry ice cream
- fruit or berry sorbet

You can also make thick smoothies without added liquid to make:
- ice lolly
- scoops (with ice cream scooper)
- ice cubes

Serve the ice cubes in small bowls and let the children have fun eating all the beautiful colors. Like banana cubes, pink watermelon balls and raspberry ball made from banana and raspberry smoothies are also wonderful choices.
Allow the ice cubes to thaw for 15 minutes before serving. (Be careful to avoid this with younger children, so they do not choke). 

To see fruit and vegetables which have bright, vibrant colors click here.
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