All the Rainbow

Fruit and vegetables are available in all the beautiful colours of the rainbow…

Fruit and vegetables also taste wonderful and contain many valuable vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is especially high in bell peppers, oranges and white potatoes. Additionally, they are full of purifying water and fibre that facilitates the digestive process.

Traditional dietary standards suggest we consume 5 servings of vegetables, fruits and berries per day (one serving is 100 grams). Be sure to also eat the wide variety of vegetables, fruits and berries found along the different colours of the rainbow, such as red, green, yellow, orange and blue. As well, don’t forget to add some nuts!

Nuts and fruit taste wonderful together. Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and other nuts are a great source of protein. As well they neutralize some of the fruit sugar when eaten together. The more mature the fruit is, the more fructose it contains, so nuts are an excellent way to counteract this.

Having vegetables on the other side of your plate adds colour, which is inviting when eating all by yourself or for family and friends. Try eating vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For snacks during the day, try carrot sticks, pieces of turnips or cherry tomatoes. Like fruits, vegetables also taste wonderful with some nuts. 

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